6 DIY Gift Ideas 2015

We at WoodyThings celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a few weeks away, and as you can imagine, we often prefer to make and receive handcrafted gifts over mass-produced ones. Here are a few of our favorite Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas from some of our favorite DIY’ers (check them out):

Lap Desk by ApartmentTherapy.com

Apartment Therapy Lap Desk DIY

Made for a friend who started working from home and couldn’t find one that didn’t “look like an oversized cutting board,” Kat & Cam made this lap desk with basics from home improvement and craft stores. They even hand-stamped the fabric in their friend’s favorite pattern—the Triforce from Zelda!

Wedding Wine Box by RougeEngineer.com

Wine Box by Rouge Engineer

A wedding wine box is a growing trend lately, with some even incorporating them into the ceremony. I got the idea for this at my brother-in-law’s wedding last month. Towards the end of their ceremony they mixed a glass of red wine and white wine in a decanter to symbolize their different lives coming together as one. They then placed unread letters to one another in the wedding wine box with the wine and nailed it shut. The sealed wedding wine box is then to be opened on their anniversary, to reveal the letters and wine. Great idea, huh?

WoodyThings Chalk Board Photo Block

Chalk Block with Picture

If you love simple DIY’s that also make a great addition to your everyday home decor then check this out.

This Chalk Board Photo Block has become a favorite in our home because we all use it to leave little messages for each other from time to time :) Its become something we look forward to.

Boom Box In a Tool Box by MakeZine.com

Boom Box in a Tool Box

In the above video Chicagoland maker Floyd A. Davis IVof Artpentry shows you how it’s done using a toolbox, some salvaged drivers, an amp, and some speaker wire.

Bathtub Caddy, by MyCraftySpot.com

Not much I can say about this, its a bathtub caddy so you can relax, read a nice book, and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine. =)

WoodyThings Notebook

WoodyThings Notebook

If you’re an artist, or have an artist in your life, they too may enjoy a nice canvass to sketch, paint, doodle, or capture their thoughts on. Do you know anyone in the market for a new, stylish journal or diary? This DIY blog has you covered!

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