Angry Orchard Summer 2017 Tour Quickie

Here at WoodyThings we aren’t beer or wine snobs,  but we will admit that over the past few years we’ve have made an effort to visit and check out the local breweries and wineries. We appreciate the craftiness of the artists making special brews, and the product tastes good too. On this particular week (late August 2017) we checked out a relatively local spot, which many of you have probably heard about. We stayed in Hudson Valley and paid a visit to Angry Orchard in Walden, New York.

The entire experience was awesome and here’s a few quick videos and pictures of the visit!

The weather was on point. It was about 78 degrees, not too humid, a calm breeze kept us cool, and the day was mostly sunny.

All throughout the building you’ll find rustic decor (to include a big, shiny, red truck), we particularly enjoyed the light fixtures. We took a self-guided tour, and basically walked the path through the halls, taking time to read the signs, check out the artifacts, and play with the interactive screens all throughout.

Check out the quickie tour video below:

In the barrel room you enter the gift shop, where the company offers numerous t-shirts, sweaters, glasses, candles, bottle openers, and a bit more. The products were pretty cool.

We participated in a cider tasting, and tried six different ciders. (Three per person, and i think it was free!) They have picnic tables inside of this building, along with bar tables, and a walk-up bar with cider on tap. We tried a few more items that were available on site, but not yet available for purchase (in bottle or Growler form).

Of course, there are plenty of lounge chairs, a fire pit, and outdoor spaces for you and your friends to hang out.

Overall the trip was pretty awesome and I encourage you check it out if you happen to be in the Hudson Valley area. Next time I go I’m brining my pair of Angry Orchard Signature Sunglasses. Because, #America! 😎😉🙃

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Canon 80D

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