Apple Pick’n at Autumn Harvest Orchard LLC

One of my favorite things about the fall, aside from all the pumpkin flavored food and drinks, is apple picking. It’s the very first family activity we do in the fall, and as with many families, it’s become a much loved family tradition of ours.

We like like to visit different farms in our area each year, to support local business and to see what each of them have to offer.

This year we visited the Autumn Harvest Orchard LLC, a local farm here in Norfolk,Connecticut, owned and ran by one incredible woman. Joanne Charon plants and maintains every single one of her organic fruits and vegetables all on her own!

Apple Pickin 2015Apple Pickin 2015DSCN6978Apple Pickin 2015

She welcomed us with a huge smile and even gave us a tour of her gorgeous farm. We saw where she keeps her bees (they produce some of the most delicious honey I’ve ever tasted!).

Apple Pickin 2015Apple Pickin 2015DSCN6974Apple Pickin 2015

She explained with such pride, how she takes care of her fruits and veggies, AND pointed out some of the biggest apples for us to pick.

Apple Pickin 2015Apple Pickin 2015DSCN6995Apple Pickin 2015 Apple Pickin 2015Apple Pickin 2015DSCN6988Apple Pickin 2015 Apple Pickin 2015Apple Pickin 2015DSCN6987Apple Pickin 2015

We had an incredible time. It was so peaceful there we didn’t want to leave. This is one farm we can’t wait to revisit. In fact, we are coming back next weekend!

We picked a variety of apples at the farm and have already made a few yummy desserts. Our daughter made Apple Crisps and I made some Old School Candy Apples which triggered senses that took me back to my childhood.

Check out the Classic Candy Apple recipe I used, created by my very own brother, The Bronx Baker (or Luis as I’ve always known him😊)

Classic Candy Apples
Classic Candy Apples by The BX Baker
Apple Crisp_Fotor
Apple Crisp

So if you live in the Connecticut area or are planning a visit, be sure to stop by this lovely farm for some apple picking. You wont regret it.

Do you have any apple recipes you’d like to share? Comment below or tweet at us! Thank you for the continued support and for sharing with your family and friends.

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