Avocado Bowties (Custom Ordered)

We’re proud to have received this order. A wonderful friend of ours purchased a set of avocado themed socks for a family member. This avocado-socks-and-bowtie-on-canvas-bag_fotorparticular person also enjoys wearing a nice bowtie that typically matches his attire. This is where the idea for the Avocado Bowtie was born.

It should go without saying that everyone here at the WoodyThings household is a fan of Taco Tuesdays (avocados = guacamole = taco tuesdays), but you can certainly rock this bowtie  any day of the week!

We’ve painted the oak bowtie brown, and then handprinted the avocado (three on each side) to match the socks included in their order.

We then added brown leather to the center and ta-da!

What do you think ? Do you have a favorite pair of socks you’d like to have a matching bowtie for?

Let us know we’d love to help!

Hasta Luego Amigos,

~el fin

Available here

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