We Had Tea With Tracy

Tea with Tracy is an awesomely quaint spot in the historic and antique district of Seymour, Connecticut. We had the privilege of visiting Tea with Tracy, and enjoying some of their Tea Sandwiches, Desserts and of course, Tea =)

We enjoyed a relaxing cuppa accompanied by our scone choices. The food was delicious, the tea was amazing, and the ambiance is the cutest!!!  Continue reading We Had Tea With Tracy

Brick Themed Apple Watch and Smartphone Dock

What up Dock, Do you Rock?

Here’s a great way to keep your phone and watch organized while they charge. We’re happy to introduce a new version of our popular smartphone and Apple watch docks.

If you already own an Apple watch, you know the magnetic charging dock is simple, clean, and kind of boring.

We’ve added a little flair and personalization by creating this dock from 100% solid wood. We then add your stain of preference and offer free personalization (a letter, initial, etc.) by wood-burning your initial unto the piece (on stained pieces) or by adding a vinyl monogram (on Brick versions).

This wooden charging station measures 6″x3.5×1-1/2″ and can be personalized with a letter or initials (size of personalization will vary depending on letters). We also offer a longer version measuring 11″ x 3.5″ x 1-1/2″.

We like these because they are:

  • Rustic and Elegant
  • Perfect for your home or office
  • Compatible for Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm
  • Compatible with Series 1 and Series 2 Apple watches

Where would you dock yours???

Get Your Smartphone and Apple Watch Dock HERE!

Angry Orchard Summer 2017 Tour Quickie

Here at WoodyThings we aren’t beer or wine snobs,  but we will admit that over the past few years we’ve have made an effort to visit and check out the local breweries and wineries. We appreciate the craftiness of the artists making special brews, and the product tastes good too. On this particular week (late August 2017) we checked out a relatively local spot, which many of you have probably heard about. We stayed in Hudson Valley and paid a visit to Angry Orchard in Walden, New York.

The entire experience was awesome and here’s a few quick videos and pictures of the visit!

Continue reading Angry Orchard Summer 2017 Tour Quickie

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Products

Shhh. Don’t tell Raquel but here’s a sneak peek of some upcoming items. 😜

We anticipate launching these items within the next week.

We are making a different version of our Apple Watch and Smartphone Dock. This version is a bit thicker than the previous version, which allows us to incorporate different materials on the pieces. For example, one of the items shown on the video and pictures include a green pipe coming from a red-brick dock. The “brick” is made from wood. It measures 1.5″ thick, about 4″ wide and the length varies by the design.

Of course, we will continue to offer the original version as well.🙃

We are making smartphone and Apple watch docks in a video game theme.

Can you guess which game inspired these pieces?

Romance Awareness Month

August is Romance Awareness Month, which should come to no one’s surprise since we’re in wedding season. But whether you’re celebrating a wedding, an anniversary or just enjoying the romance in the air, here’s a few romantic summer ideas (and handcrafted gift ideas) to share with your loved one.  Continue reading Romance Awareness Month

Personalized Wooden Gifts

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