Bookmarks on Card Stock DIY

OK so this isn’t a wood related DIY per se,  BUT it’s a paper DIY and paper comes from wood so it works.

Summer time is here and yes we will have super fun moments at the pool and amusement park, barbecuing and fishing but lets be real, most of our time will be spent at home.

During those quiet uneventful days we might find ourselves DIY’ing of course and diving into a good book.  And what do we all need when reading a good book?? Yup, you got it! A bookmark!

You COULD buy one, buuut why would you when you could just make one? We’ll probably lose them anyway right? So here’s a simple DIY for a cool, inexpensive bookmark, that’ll be sooo you, you’ll make sure NOT to lose it.

I made these bookmarks in Word and printed them on card stock. I made one for myself with my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, one for my little jock who is football obsessed, and one for my awesome, independent daughter. That’s the great thing about making your own bookmarks, or your own anything really. You can personalize it to your taste.

Lets get started shall we? I’ll show you how I made the Ralph Waldo Emerson one and then you can try your own.

All you need is:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Card stock paper
  • Printer
  • Laminating sheet (optional)

Step 1.

Open up a Word document

Step 2

Click the “Insert tab”, click on “Insert text box” and choose “simple text box”

Step 3.

Adjust the size of the text box to 6” x 1.8” 

Step 4.

I added the quote in the Baskerville font and centered it. Then realized it was too plain, so I added a letter “R” for my name (Raquel) in the Old English font above the quote.


Step 5.

Now I’m going to add an image of Ralph Waldo Emerson under his quote, so first click on the “Insert” Tab, click “Pictures”, insert the Robert Frost image that I had saved in my picture folder. I also added his name under his picture.  Resize image and font as necessary.

Step 6.

Now we want to make the outline just a little thicker than it is now, so Click on the text box to highlight it, click on “Format”, and click “Shape Outline”

Step 9.

Scroll down toweight” and scroll down to select “4 ½ pt”

Step 10.

Print your Bookmark on any colored card stock paper and you’re done!

Card stock is sturdier than regular printer paper, but it can still tear and bend. I wanted to keep ours from bending and getting messed up, so I laminated it.

Have your kids create their own as a way to get them excited about reading. Or if you’re having a party and you’re giving out books, you could create and personalize one for each individual to go along with their new book.

Pretty cool right? And there’s nothing to it.

Thank you for checking out this DIY. If you give it a try please share your pics with us and tag us on Instagram at OR at Woody_Things

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