Bottle Display Case

Jack Daniels Marine Corps Shadowbox

Here is a custom order we made last month. We call this the Bottle Display Case as it can be used with the recipient’s drink of choice. We received an order to build this beauty for a Jack Daniels and Marine Corps themed Shadow Box.

Jack Daniels Bottle Display openedAs tradition often calls, Military service members extend their gratitude to their brothers and sisters by offering personalized gifts as the service member retires and/or moves to another unit. As these Marines were leaving their respective units, we were honored to be entrusted with presenting this shadow box.

This box measures 15 x 15 and 5-1/2 inches deep. The box was stained Red Mahogany. In the background you can see the blue and red NCO blood-stripe.

Jack Daniels Bottle Display openedCentered is the Marine’s last name, stenciled on a piece of mitered Pine wood. On the left we inserted the unit logo, Recruiting Station New York. On the right side you notice a small personal message displayed. This is a personalized message from the Marine’s peers. In the center of the box you will notice a bottle of the Marine’s drink of choice, in this case, a liter of Jack Daniels on its side, and in front two shot-glasses. The shot-glasses are placed inside of two placeholders mitered out of solid wood.

As you can see on the picture above, the box has been fitted with brass hinges and hasp. The box can be opened so that the recipient can have access to the drink of course.

The box is closed behind plexiglass to keep dust out. We use plexiglass as it’s 20 times stronger than glass and lighter.

This shadow-box be placed on a level surface or hung on a wall.

*Bottle of Jack Daniels not included.

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