Classified Spy Box Starter Kit

Classified Spy Box  Starter Kit

Last month we were charged with making a special going away gift Top Secret Spy Shadowbox Front Viewfor a local Marine. We had a blast putting this idea together, and love the way the final product turned out.

Here’s a little background, the Marine was assigned to a Recon unit. He’s a man’s man, meaning, tough as nails. He loves driving fast and fancy’s himself a spy of sorts 😉

With those hints, we created this Top Secret Spy Box as a perfect going away gift. Inspired by mission impossible-style spy movies, the box contained two sets of Dynamite sticks attached. One on the front, with vinyls reading “Top Secret” and another set of wooden dynamite sticks attached to the top. Once opened, the box turns into two shadow boxes. On the left, we’ve added the Marine’s Recon Wings, a going away message, and a few personal jokes as requested by his peers (apparently the guy likes to drive fast, and has an affinity for loose change).

On the right side of the box we’ve added cork board to the background, and placed the spy gear starter kit. The only thing missing is a mustache. We’ve added sunglasses, a ‘classified’ portfolio (with the names of every Marine he recruited), a fake passport, and another inside joke… a cassette that reads “Manly Tips.”

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Check out the pictures below!


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