Comb Honey

Have you ever tasted Comb Honey?

Comb Honey is a delicious way to enjoy your organic honey. It adds a new dimension to your honey experience by adding a familiar taste to a new texture! WoodyThings is a proud distributor of Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC‘s organic Honey and Honey products.  Autumn Harvest is a local, organic farm here in Connecticut (check them out!)

If you’ve never enjoyed honey comb, here’s a few tips and suggestions:

Food Network Ideas

  • Place a chunk of honeycomb over a bowl of warm oatmeal,
    Honey Comb
    Honey Comb

    pancakes or waffles.

  • Slather a baguette with Brie, then top with chunks of honeycomb.
  • Add a few small chunks of honeycomb to an otherwise conventional grilled ham and cheese.
  • Make a salad of arugula, grilled chicken and slivered almonds. Top with crumbled soft goat cheese and small chunks of honeycomb.
  • Make a ragingly spicy chili, then serve each bowl with a chunk of honeycomb and a blob of sour cream in the center. The honeycomb will slowly melt into the chili, working with the sour cream to tame the heat ever so slightly.
  • Top thick slabs of angel food cake with whipped cream, then top that with a chunk of honeycomb.

Of course, while comb honey is fun to crunch there are a few considerations you should note. If you have braces, crowns or veneers there’s a good chance the wax may stick to your teeth. So brush after this meal, your dentist will thank you =)

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