Cotton Tailed Bunny in a Burlap Frame

Cotton Tailed Bunny in a Burlap Frame


Here’s a really cute Easter DIY for you and your kids to make together.

All you’ll need is:

Materials and Tools

  • 4×6 unfinished wooden picture frame
  • Acrylic paint in color of your choice ( I used Green)
  • Burlap
  • Bow or Ribbon to make a bow
  • Scrap booking decorative paper with Pastel colors
  • Bunny template
  • Cotton Ball
  • Craft Glue or ModPodge
  • Scissors
  • x-acto Knife

1. Paint your picture frame in the color of your choice. This step is optional. If you choose not to paint your picture frame just skip to the next step

2. Brush an even layer of mod podge on your picture fame. Lay your burlap over it to adhere it to the picture frame and then apply another layer of mod podge over the burlap (mod podge goes on white but will dry up completely clear) Let this dry about 2 hours

Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

3.  Once the mod podge has dried, cut off the excess burlap with your X-acto knife or scissors

4.  Print and cut out this really cute template I found

edited 1

5. Trace your template on the blank end of your decorative paper and then cut out your bunny


6. Cut a sheet of paper to fit the frame, this will be your background for your bunny.

7. Place several pieces of double sided tape on the blank side of your bunny, Peel and stick your bunny onto the blank sheet that you just cut and place it in your frame like you would a regular picture.

Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

8. Glue your cotton ball on the bunny and then  add your embellishments to decorate your frame. I used a bow that I made, but you can use burlap flowers, or buttons etc… and you guys are done!


 This is such an adorable and fun little Easter project. How cute would it be if you used a printed grassy looking background with a brown bunny? Or you can use a bigger frame and make a family of bunnies to represent each child or family member!

**Instead of burlap you could cover your frame in moss, or just paint your picture frame.

We hope you enjoyed making this. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you!





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