Creamed Honey

What is Creamed Honey?

Ever notice honey getting thick and solid when left intact in a cool environment? If so, it’s not magic (well, sort of), it’s the honey crystalizing!

There are a few safe methods for bringing your honey back to a liquid state, or… you can enjoy the honey as creamed honey! Creamed honey – also referred to as spun, whipped or churned honey-  is crystalized honey made into a texture perfect for using as a spread. We are happy to be distributors of Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC organic Creamed Honey.

Enjoy creamed honey on crackers, fruits, toast and more!

Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC‘s process for making Cream Honey Largecreamed/spun/whipped honey is painstakingly old-fashioned but organic and efficient. They grab the honey straight from the honey combs and add it to some crystalized honey.  Then they mix crystalized and liquid honey. The honey is then stored for a few days to a week and the result is delicious, fluffy, hand spun/whipped/creamed honey!

How would you enjoy yours?

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