DIY Bird feeders

My kids and I love to sit in the back and watch the birds fly and then settle on a branch to rest before they take off again.

We get so excited when one finds its way into one of our birdhouse and makes a nest or when they feed from one of the bird feeders we’ve set up for them.

Here are few bird feeder ideas that you and your kids can do to invite those beautiful little creatures for a closer look all year long.

  1. Birdhouse

2 dollar birdhoustBirdhouses are a great way to bring birds a little closer to home. It may take a while, but once one finds its way to your birdhouse they will come again year after year. All you have to do is paint a medium sized birdhouse and hang it outside on a tree branch. Then sit back and wait for them to appear and start inspecting the house. It’s almost like they’re house hunting. It’s adorable!


  1. Bird Seeds and Peanut Butter

This one can be a tiny bit messy, but that’s ok. The kids will love it. All you have to do is cover either a bagel or Pinecone (not the ones you find at the store) in peanut butter and coat it with birdseeds.

  1. Whole peanuts in a slinky

I love feeding the birds (so that I can photograph them as they snack on the peanuts) but what I don’t like is the squirrels sabotaging the feeders and scaring all our birds away. Well, this is a neat little bird feeder that often makes it tougher for other unwanted critters to get into.

  1. Soda bottle Birdfeeder

Cut the bottom of a soda bottle, use a hole puncher to make three holes at the top of the soda bottle, tie a homemade-bird-feeder-11string of twine through each hole, gather up the three strings and make a knot at the top, hang

There are so many ways to make birdfeeders. Remember that the winter time is the toughest for birds, so be sure to feed them in the winter as well.


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