DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for a dad doesn’t have to be hard. We prefer making our own gifts when possible, and today we are sharing some popular DIYs your dad is sure to love.

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Monogram a Gift

Sometimes all you need is a really cool monogram decal or sticker to add a touch of personalization. Pick up a set of mini wooden checkers, or a cigar box, and turn it into a personalized keepsake box.

You can then print your dad’s initials, monogram, logo. Grab some scissors, and cut out the template. Now, trace the design and paint it!

In the example below we used our vinyl cutter, printed/cut a personalized monogram and attached it to our wooden chess set case.

Vintage Drink Coasters

Does your super dad have a super drink coaster? If not, make him some! We’ve used a few vintage comic strips and decoupaged them unto some pieces of 1/4″ plywood.

1. Get a few pieces of 1/4 inch plywood cut into 3.5×3.5 squares from Home Depot OR use ceramic tiles.

2. Print your images right from your printer and cut them to the size of your coasters.

3. Apply modpodge on the wood or tiles and glue your image.

4. Wait about 15 minutes and apply several coats of mod podge over your image.

5. Once that has dried completely, add felt or cork to the bottom of the coasters.

That’s it!

Vintage Game Brick Keepsake Box

This is a video of us putting the finishing touches on our Mario Brother Inspired Keepsake Brick Box.

Even with todays technology I still think that 8bit games are the best! I just love them. They’re so much fun to play and they bring back so many happy childhood memories.

Here’s the simple steps:

  • Make or purchase a wooden box of choice.
  • Paint the bottom brown.
  • Paint the top gold or yellow.
  • Draw a brick design by adding horizontal lines with a ruler or straight edge. You can use a fine tip permanent marker.
  • Draw vertical lines as showin on the pictures below.
  • Draw a pixilated question mark on the lid. If you’re not much if an artist, do what I do, print an image outline, trace the design and the go over it again with your permanent marker. 👍🏿
  • Apply several coats of clear coat or mod podge.

This box makes a great gift for all my fellow game lovers, and a cool way to display your love for the 80s (And reveal your true age).

Which is your favorite? What additional DIY gift do you have in mind? Comment below!

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