DIY Project Ideas for Autumn

DIY Project Ideas for Autumn

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate taking action and displaying your style through art.  This month I want to share some ideas and projects that you can replicate and make your own.

The best part of this Do It Yourself decoration is that you can share it with others or even invite your friends to join in on the crafting!

As I was reading up on fall and autumn projects I ran across an awesome article located here. The article lists a few awesome projects, of which, my favorite was the Pumpkins carved with a drill, posted by Monica at Crafty Nest (awesome blog!). The article is very simple to understand, offers step by step instructions, and shows great pictures of the entire process.

Picture belongs to CraftyNest.comI especially enjoy this project because it allows you the flexibility to incorporate your own designs. Our neighborhood is blessed with numerous critters like squirrels, birds, etc. so I don’t anticipate my pumpkins surviving long lol My intent is to complete this project within the next week (going pumpkin picking soon!) so that we may display them for halloween.

How about you guys, do you have any projects you’d like to share?

Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from ya! Also, check out the websites linked above. The interesting content/articles are plentiful!

Until next time, #HappyCrafting!

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