Do It Yourself Wooden Gift Ideas

Do-It-Yourself Wooden Gift Ideas

Have you checked out our Easy Way to Transfer Ink Onto Wood article? How about the Woodburning Tool How-to and technique article? If you haven’t, we invite you to take a quick look and see just how EASILY you too can create beautifully personalized items at home. The materials and tools aren’t too expensive, and you can use them over and over again!

Take a trip to your local hobby shop and consider making any of these awesome gifts for yourself and others:

  • Bamboo Bowl– know anyone that enjoys a good salad?
  • Wooden Clock– add your one of a kind design and signature look
  • Coasters– transfer your favorite image or initials/name
  • Wooden Half Crate– add a name, anniversary date, or quote

Want something a little more personal and not mass produced? Check out our line of unfinished products you may personalize as well! Some examples include:

Do You Have Any Additional Thoughts or Ideas? Comment Below or Tweet at us, We’d Love to Hear Your Suggestions! Until next time,

Happy Crafting!


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