2015 October eNewsletter

Is it just me or did October creep up on us really quick?  It’s officially “Sweater Weather” and I couldn’t be happier! I love everything about this season, the cozy weather, the changing colors of the falling leaves, the pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING and of course Halloween! If you have kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews then this newsletter is one you’ll enjoy. We’ve got a few tips for a safe Trick or Treating experience, along with fun Halloween DIY’s for most ages and much more.

Safety Tips

  1. Do not go trick or treating alone, go with a group of 2 or more
  2. Put electronic devices down and stay alert
  3. Walk on side-walks if possible to avoid cars
  4. Put reflective lighting on your costume or bag so those in cars can see you
  5. Teach your child not to eat their candy until you inspect it
  6. If you will be driving your children, please be extra vigilant of other children on the. Drive slowly and be extra careful.

For more safety tips, please visit:

DIY’s  Products

Halloween is a great time for some fun, spooky crafts and decorations. Here are some “Do It Yourself” projects you’ll enjoy and some items you can add to your Halloween decor.
1. Frankie                                    2. Mason Jar Luminaries

3. Bloody candles                        4. Halloween Coasters

5.”BOO” Letter Hanging Sign       6. Keepsake Box

**Remember, if you try any of our DIY’s and send us pictures your DIY can be featured in one of our Newsletters!


This month we are proud to offer the winner a set of ‘Bloody Candles’, as seen on our recent DIY blog.
The winner will be announced on our webpage, on our Facebook pageTwitter and email. The winner will have 14 days to claim the gift once contacted by us.

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Columbus Day

In celebration of Columbus day, please enjoy 15% OFF of any item at www.WoodyThings.com with the following coupon code: 1492

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Until next month, Happy October!