Framed Pressed Flowers

Framed Pressed Flowers DIY

This is perhaps the simplest DIY I’ve ever done but it is also a great addition to any home decor and such a great way to preserve those gorgeous wild flowers your children love to pick for you. My son picked this one for me on Mothers Day, and I’ve had it pressed between the pages of a book until now for this purpose. It’s something that I will cherish for ever.

All you’ll need is:

  • Matted picture frame
  • Decorative printed paper
  • Pressed/dried flowers

Framed Pressed Flowers

**To press your flowers, simply put them in between the pages of a book for a few days,

so that they dry up and flatten out.

Framed Pressed Flowers

  1. Next, cut your decorative printed scrapbook paper to fit the inside of your matted picture frame.
  2. Now place your flower (s) on top of your decorative paper. Place the glass over it and then into you picture frame.

Framed Pressed Flowers

You can place as many flowers as you want, and use any size picture frame so have fun with it!

If you’d like you can also write the date that the flower was picked, and who picked it for you.

Your kids will love the idea of having their flowers framed for everyone to admire.

Show us your framed flowers, and leave us any questions and/or comments 😉

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