From Sketch to Reality, Jarhead Block head

From time to time we like to share how we come up with projects and products. Many times our personalized and custom orders drive many of our sales. Other times we try to improve on a design or come up with something we haven’t seen before. This sketch was inspired by a classic String and Block robot toy.

USMC Blockhead Jarhead Sketch

Angel sketched a wooden doll and figured out a uniform to dress the doll in. This wooden block Marine in his Dress Blues is a great little addition to all your military memorabilia. We’ve made this little blockhead doll out of solid pine wood. We then drilled holes and ran some thin rope to attach the arms and legs.

We ‘dressed’ (painted) the blockhead jarhead in the Marine Corps Dress Blues uniform. We stained the head/face, and then protected the entire item with a clear coat.

This is our first blockhead doll, and next, we will make similar dolls that represent some of the other
Blockhead Jarhead Circle HeadArmed Services. For example, we’re going to do a Navy inspired doll, then an Army inspired, and go from there. If there’s enough interest, we can make a few others that vary by profession. Imagine a firefighter doll, or a Police Officer, Pilot, etc.

We suggest making one of these if you have some wood and some tools (drill, drill press/drill bits, saw) and some paint/stain. You can display your blockhead on a shelf, bookcase, dresser or table. This makes an awesome gift for you or a loved one.

We recommend that these dolls are made for display purposes only. Blockhead JarheadAs cute as the doll is, its not a toy and it should be kept away from small children. You wouldn’t want a small child licking the toy and swallowing the paint or smacking their brother/sister in the head lol.

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