Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Getting ready for Halloween is so much fun. From picking out your costumes, to going pumpkin picking and carving out your scariest jack o lantern. But there’s something you have to do before any of these things that can be just as fun when you involve the whole family. Why decorating of course! Hanging cobwebs from the corners, witches, potion bottles, goblins, Eeek!

But let’s not forget to set the mood with some spooky lighting. Sure you can string some orange and black lights around but why not make your own luminaries instead? It’s so easy and fun and it not only creates that spooky lighting you want but it adds to your Halloween décor too.

I made these adorable luminaries last year using glass jars, but you can also use wine bottles or milk jugs to give them each a different height.

Another thing you can do is simply paint your jars or bottles instead. As with most of my work I enjoy using different elements and textures which is why I chose to incorporate several different materials for my luminaries


Here’s what you’ll need to make these Halloween Luminaries:

  • 4 Glass Jar
  • Orange, Mint Green, White and Black acrylic paint
  • 4 Foam Paint brushes
  • Stiff black felt for bat wings
  • 1 large bottle of BLACK Puff paint (for eyes and mouth)
  • 1 small bottle of RED Puff paint
  • Glue gun
  • 4 Battery operated Tea lights

Step 1

Paint the outside of your glass jars and let them dry. 1 Black jar, 1 Orange jar, 1 Mint Green Jar, 1 White jar.

**2-3 Additional coats may be required. Allow paint to dry between each coat.

Step 2

While the jars are drying, print out the template of the bat wings and cut them out. Trace the bat wings onto stiff black felt, either using a pen or white color pencil. Cut out the bat wings and set aside.


Step 3

after giving your jars 2-3 coats of paint and you’ve allowed them to completely dry, use the Black Puff Paint to paint on their eyes, mouth etc… Use the red puff paint to make Frankenstein’s scar.

Step 4

Use your glue gun to attach the bat wings to the back of the bat jar

Step 5

Turn on the battery operated tea lights and insert one into each jar and you’ve got yourself an awesome Halloween luminary that will get plenty of attention
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You can fill these jars with flowers instead of candles or battery operated tea lights too and the Pumpkin jar can be used well into November.

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