Hockey-Themed Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Hockey-Themed Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Hang your new cast-iron bottle opener in your Man Cave, Kitchen or Pucker Up Slant View_FotorBackyard. You and your guests can enjoy opening ice-cold drinks and then place your bottle caps unto the magnetized hockey puck glued right underneath.

We printed “Puck’er Up” in the middle as a play on words. First, this bottle opener is hockey-themed and clearly you can’t have hockey without a puck. Second, Pucker upPucker Up_Fotor_Fotor also means get your lips ready to enjoy your freshly opened beverage.  Third, after you’ve enjoyed a few drinks and watched some great hockey (Go Rangers!) pucker them lips and give your partner a nice kiss. =)

Speaking of pucks, we hand-painted a hockey stick at an angle, Hockey Puck w magnet inside_Fotorsimulating a swing. Lastly, we cut a wooden circle, hollowed it underneath, sanded it and and attached a magnet inside the wood. We then painted the hockey puck at an angle and sealed the entire piece =) We glued and nailed the hockey puck near the bottom of the bottle opener.

These wall-mounted bottle openers make great gifts for Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters and anyone that loves some cold bottled beverages and hockey!

As a proud NY’er, I MUST stay, Go Rangers!

Want to pick up a set or two for yourself? Click here and have us make one for you.

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