Holiday Poll

September is already here and soon have to take out our sweaters and jackets from storage. 🙁 It’s still summer time though, so lets enjoy every last bit of it before the cold weather creeps up on us. This Labor Day weekend we plan on staying home and relaxing, maybe throw a few burgers on the grill and take a few laps around the pool with family and friends.

Although, if you’ve read our latest newsletter, you know I’m always shocked to see stores stocking up on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor when its still 90 degrees outside. I get it, like fashion, retailers are always a few seasons ahead. I STILL feel its a tad too soon, how about you?

Take our one-question poll and let us know what best describes your feelings:

  • Still Enjoying The Summer Too Much to Care About The Holidays
  • Bring On the Holiday Decor, Movies and Hot Chocolate!
  • Enjoying Every Season as It Comes

Make your selection by clicking the corresponding choice below:

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