Honest Abe Merica Reversible Drink Coasters

Time to get Star Spangled Hammered!

Okay, not really, drink responsibly… but whatever your beverage of Abe Merica Coaster Setchoice (Beer, Tea, Coffee, Water, whatever), these wooden and rustic drink coasters make a great gift and are practical as all heck!

On one side we’ve added a picture of honest Abe Lincoln, rocking some stylish American Flag Sunglasses. On the other side we’ve added a washer and drilled a flat hole to serve as a bottle opener. We then add some felt and ta’da! You got yourself a nice, rustic, wooden, reversible Abe Merica Coaster Setbottle opener.

Order yours today, and share them with your american compatriots!

No need to worry about searching for a bottle opener with these really cool coasters because they do double duty with the bottle opener already attached to the bottom side of each wood stained coaster!

Each coaster is made of stained solid, weather-treated pine wood. Each coaster measures 3-1/2 inches x 3-1/2 inches and 3/4″tall

These are a great addition to beer related gift baskets/ bar ware gifts, wedding gifts for your groomsmen, etc.


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