How To Build A Wood Deck Cooler

One of our most popular products here at WoodyThings has been the Rustic Wooden Cooler. These coolers Medeiros Rustic Coolers v2are very fun to make, and have ben personalized in various ways. While these coolers are often made to order and vary based on the customer’s specific request, there are a few basic steps you can take to create your very own at a very reasonable price.

While busily pinning (we LOVE Pinterest) we ran across this great DIY tutorial by and we just HAD to tell you all about it.


How To Build A Wood Deck Cooler – used Pallet Wood and made this for next to nothing!

Source: How To Build A Wood Deck Cooler – Fox Hollow Cottage

Click on the link above so that you too can make a Wood Deck Cooler of your own.


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