Halloween Witch Decoration, learn how to make your own!

I can’t believe summer is nearly over! I know, Labor day was a week or so ago, which marks the end of summer for many. But since the weather is still a bit warm for us, I’m going to hold on for a few more weeks 🙂

Halloween is a little more than a month away, and as such, its time to start thinking of our decorations! I love decorating for the holidays, both inside and outside the home, and ‘halloween season’ is no exception.

On this week’s post I will share a quick and fun decorative how-to. How to create a halloween witch decoration.


Heart shaped piece of wood, I buy mine from Michaels or make them at home. Dimensions are 3/4 x 6 x 6

  • (2) Eye-screws (1/4 inch)
  • (1) Hook screw (1/4 inch)
  • (1) Picture frame hanger
  • Orange felt for her bangs
  • Green felt dot for her wart J
  • (2) Plastic eyes
  • Purple Bow, or create your own from a spool of ribbon
  • Three wooden stars, about ¾ – ½ inch
  • Orange paint for her hair
  • Green Paint for her face
  • Purple Paint for her hat and the Trick or Treat sign
  • Clear mod podge to protect the finish
  • Orange Puff Paint tube for the Trick or Treat Sign
  • Green Puff Paint tube for the Trick or Treat Sign
  • Dark green Marker (to outline the face)
  • Red Marker (to outline the lips)
  • Black Marker (to outline the Eyebrows)
  • Pink paint for the blush



  • Paint-brushes
  • 120 grit (or higher) Sand paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Small Picture hanger


Making the face

Step 1: Sand the pieces of wood until you have a smooth finish ready to paint.

Step 2: Next, lets paint the face. Turn the heart upside down, and draw a line across (left to right) approximately 3 inches from the center.

Winifred Witch






Step 3: Draw a semi circle to form the witch’s face

Winifred Witch






Step 4: Paint the top of the line purple, both the front and back





Step 5: Then, paint the inside of the face light green, front and back


Step 6: Now, lets paint the sides (see the picture) orange, front and back

Winifred Witch






Step 7: Measure the line that divides the hat from the face

Step 8: Cut a piece of orange felt to this same length

Step 9: Cut the felt piece to measure approximately ½ inch width

Step 10: Cut out small triangles on one side of this strip of hair ‘bangs.’ Don’t cut all the way through, to ensure the triangles remain on the strip. (see the original picture)







Step 11: Once the paint dries, approximately 20 minutes later, glue the felt over the line we drew separating the face and the hat.

Step 12: Now, lets glue the three yellow stars on the hat. I placed one near the center, on top. The other two are below it, to either side

Winifred Witch Winifred Witch Winifred Witch

Step 13: Glue the eyes about 1.5 inches apart


Step 14: Draw eyebrows over the eyes with your black marker

Winifred Witch

Step 15: Draw a crooked nose with the dark green marker

Step 16: Draw a smile on your witch with the red marker

Winifred Witch

Step 17: Draw and paint two pink blush dots on either side and slightly above the mouth

Winifred Witch

Step 18: Place the dark Green felt dot on the bottom of the face, near either side. I choose the right side (as you’re looking at the witch)

Winifred Witch

Making the Trick or Treat sign

Step 1: Paint your rectangle with the purple paint, front and back

Winifred Witch

Step 2: Once the paint has dried, lets distress the piece. Distressing the piece gives it an older and vintage look. Use a coarse piece of sand paper, and by hand, lightly sand some of the paint off.

Winifred Witch

Step 3: Write “Trick – or – Treat” with your Orange puff paint tube

Winifred Witch

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  1. Now, lets protect our finished product by giving it a clear coat. I use Mod pudge. Using a brush, apply a light coat over the painted surfaces. Follow all instructions as listed on your containers (paint, glue, mod pudge)
  2. Now we are ready to assemble the pieces together to make one whole piece. Screw an eyehole screw to the top and bottom of the witch (see picture)
  3. Screw the J-hook screw to the center of the Trick-or-Treat sign
  4. Attach the picture frame hanger on the back of the witch
  5. Attach the Bow to the top eye hook by hooking the j-hook to the bow knot
  6. Simply feed the J-hook sign through the Eye Hook, and you’re done!
  7. Enjoy your new decorative piece  Winifred Witch

You may choose to hang this decoration on your door, on a wall inside the home or outside where your trick or treaters may admire it as they pass through. Heck, you can bring this to your job and hang it over a bowl of candy (check with your boss first and make sure you’re allowed lol).

Winifred Witch

I hope you liked this how-to tutorial. If you like Winifred, but don’t have the time or interest to make the item yourself, feel free to have US make it for you! Check out this, and many more products exclusively for sale here at http://www.woodythings.com/shop/


Feel free to drop me a comment below, share with your friends, or hit me up on social media. I’d love to hear what you think. If you have any suggestions or projects you’d like me to create, let us know!


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