How To Make Heart Shaped Coasters

Candy Heart Cork Coasters

Here is a DIY that’s so simple and fun to make. These “Conversation Candy Hearts” coasters are perfect for that Valentines Day celebration or romantic dinner between you and your sweetie pie. They are sure to have your guests asking you where you bought them.

Materials and tools needed for this project:

1. Roll or Sheet of Cork (frequently sold at Hobby Lobby, Michaels Craft Store, or Walmart)

2. Heart shape to trace (you can just draw a heart)

3. Pencil

4. Scissors

5. Paint Brushes

6. Acrylic Paint


Step 1. Trace 4 hearts onto the cork

Heart Shaped Cork Coasters

Step 2. Cut out your heart shapes

Heart Shaped Cork Coasters

Step 3. Paint your coasters and let them dry

(The colors I used are from “Craft Smart”: Pink Chiffon, Yellow, Grape Taffy, Light Green, Pink)

 Candy Heart Cork Coasters and paint Cork Heart Painted Pink Painted Cork Candy Hearts

Step 4. Once the paint has dried on your coasters you can then write words on each of them to mimic the traditional Conversation Candy hearts OR you can write your own words.

Be Mine Cork Heart Array of Candy Heart Cork Coasters

You’re Done! Told you they were simple to make. Now go show them off at your party 😉

If your want to go with a more classic and romantic feel with these coasters then either paint them red or leave them just the way they are but stamp them with a beautiful Valentines themed rubber stamp or write your initials on them. Check it out!

Red heart with stamp Ticket Stamped Candy Heart Cork Coasters A and R Cork Heart Coasters

Hope you have as much fun making these coasters as I did, please share your pictures with us if you do. If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear them.

If you prefer we make these for you, let us know!

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