How To Make Paper Darts for Dart Blow Guns

How To Make Paper Darts

A while back we showed you How To Make Blow Dart Guns. By popular demand, we now offer blow guns you can purchase here. It goes without saying that as fun as these toys are, you can’t ever have enough darts. Well, we’ve come to the rescue!

This blog post will teach you how to make your own Paper Darts in a matter of minutes. So lets start!

Follow some of our Safety Tips and if you’re building this with a young enthusiast, lay down some ground rules like the ones listed on our Safety Contract.

Material and Tools List

  • 2-1/2″ Post It Notes or a sheet of Computer paper
  • Party Hat or Cone
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun

Wrap the Post It Note Around The Party Hat or Cone. If you don’t
have Post It Notes, simply  grab a piece of paper and cut it into small squares measuring approximately 2 x 2″Make Cone using Party Hat Template

Tape the paper close using some scotch tape.


Use Scotch Tape To Keep Close the DartPress the dart into the dart gun opening, and make an indentation into the dart.
Press The Dart Into The Dart Gun

Note the indentation, this is the widest dimensions for the inside of the blowgun. This is your cutting line template.

Note the Indentation On the Dart

Cut the dart at the indentation.

Cut The Dart At the Indentation Mark

Test fit the dart by putting it in the dart opening, and while pointing in a safe direction, blow through the tube. The dart should fly out the other end. Trim if the piece is too large.

Insert The Dart and Test The Fit

While the darts fly out a few feet, a little weight will make the darts fly even faster, further and more accurately.

Add Weight By Adding a Bit of Hot Glue

We place our darts on a dart board jig we made but you can easily lean yours between the spines of two books. We then added a few drops of hot glue using a hot glue gun. We added enough drops to fill about 1/4 – 1/3 of the way.

Fill Darts About One Third Full

Then, allow the glue to dry and have some fun!

Allow Th Hot Glue to Dry

You can make these in a host of colors, and out of different materials such as duct tape. Stronger materials allow the darts to last a while longer, however, for a quick, inexpensive and softer set, paper darts will do just fine.

Tell us what you think, have you tried these? What tips or suggestions would you add?

As always, Happy Crafting!

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