In Case of Emergency Break Glass

“In Case of Emergency Break Glass” Liquor Bottle Display Box

Fewer things we love more than making custom orders. Well, perhaps having the custom orders come out as imagined (or better) is definitely the most fulfilling part of our job. This custom order was no exception.

A loyal customer approached us about making a promotion gift In Case of Emergency Liquor Bottle Display Boxshadowbox for a fellow Marine. This was an exciting gift to make because I personally know the recipient and couldn’t have been any prouder of this recent promotion. The request was fairly simple, make a display case for a large bottle of cognac. The bottle was to be encased behind glass, and thats about it. 

Understanding the Marines current job and the stressors involved, I am all too familiar with the habit of cracking open a nice bottle to celebrate or take off the edge at times. Well, that’s what prompted this display case. We’ve made a wooden box large enough to fit one 1.5L bottle of cognac, and affixed a drinking glass to the bottom. We’ve stained the box red mahogany inside and out.

We’ve added a Marine’s wooden rank insignia, eagle globe and anchor, and a wood burned nameplate in the center.
We’ve then closed the box in an oak frame, all stained in red mahogany. The front is encased in plexiglass, and we’ve added a decal that says “In case of Emergency Break Glass.” We then closed the box with two gold/brass screws. Lets hope that if they ever need to pull out the bottle and glass, they will unscrew it open instead of breaking the glass 😉

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