Learn To Make a Decorative Fall Wreath In UNDER AN HOUR!

Fall is officially here? If you havent decorated yet, no worries. Here’s a simple DIY to get you started.

I love wreaths because they can be hung on your front door, or as a statement piece right inside your home.

This wreath cost me about $12-$15 to make (with coupons, I never leave home without them) I purchased most of my materials at Michaels, except for the sunflower, which I purchased a bunch at the .99 cent store.  You can also find these materials at any craft store like The Hobby Lobby, or A.C Moore.


**Plug in your Glue Gun, so that it can heat up and ready to use by step 3

Step 1

Wrap your beaded coiled garland around your heart shaped wreath

heart wreath Beaded Coiled Garland  Autumn Wreath

Step 2

Make a simple bow. If you’re one of those fancy bow makers (like my mom) you can do that instead. I purchased my ribbon from Michaels craft store. If they don’t have this same ribbon, it’s ok. They have tons of beautiful ribbon to choose from.


Step 3

Fold the ends of the ribbon and cut at an angle starting from the open end

fold Pointy Tips

Step 4

Use your glue gun to attach the bow onto the top of your wreath

Glue Gun Attach to Wreath

Step 5

Glue your sunflower onto the bow


Step 6

Hang your wreath indoors or outdoors

Autumn Wreath on Door

Wasn’t that easy? And the finished product is gorgeous if I do say so myself =)

Most of these craft stores offer some great coupons on their website that can either be printed or scanned right from your phone. If you like saving money, be sure to use them.

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