Leprechaun Mason Jar Project in Under 30 minutes!

St. Patrick’s Mason Jar Project

Check out this fun and easy St. Patricks Day or Leprechaun-themed project. You can complete this project in under one hour by following the simple steps listed below.

These mason jars make a nice decorative vase for your flowers and can be used to store other items (straws, napkins, electronic candle, etc.) around the home.

Materials needed:


  • Mason Jar
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Gold Paint
  • Mod podge Sealer/Glue
  • Masking tape or painters tape
  • Paint Brush

Step 1

  • Paint the outside of the mason jar with green paint.
  • Allow to dry by following the instructions on your paint. Typically 15-minutes. 

Paint Green

 Step 2

  • Place two strips of tape around the entire jar. I recommend placing the first strip about one inch (1″) from the bottom.
  • Leave a one-inch gap, and place the other strip above it. These strips will help mask the area to be painted and help you maintain a straight belt line.

Masking tape

Step 3

  • Clean your brush between paint colors
  • Paint a black band around the jar and allow to dry

Black Belt

Step 4

  • Slowly and carefully remove the masking tape
  • Paint a gold buckle around the black band

Gold Buckle

Step 5

  • Seal your jar with mod podge

  • Fill your jar with water and place yellow flowers in the jar.

That’s it, you’re all done!

Leprechaun Mason Jar

Once you complete this project please share it with us, we’d love to see how yours comes out. If you like this St. Patricks and Leprechaun DIY project, you’ll love our Shamrock Clip Magnet by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.


Still here? Well, here’s some bonus tips for you my friend.

Add texture

Add some texture to your mason jar by adding a black belt made out of felt. Simply cut a strip of black felt, glue or use double-sided tape and attach it to the mason jar. Cut another square out of yellow or gold felt, and attach as the buckle.

Cheap mason Jars

Want to save a few bucks? Simply reuse your pasta jars  (unless you make your own from scratch… and if you do -Yum!- share the recipe!).

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