Make a DIY Grilling Caddy Project Guide

All professionals have their favorite tools of the trade.  If you’re a hashtag (#) GrillMaster like me, you can use a personalized and highly effective piece of hardware to grill your buns off with.

Lucky for you, a certain big box store (clink the link below) has a perfect Do It Yourself tutorial for you.

Easily transport your grilling accessories from the kitchen to your outdoor grill.

Source: Make a DIY Grilling Caddy Project Guide

Here’s what you’ll need:

1- Measure and mark your wood.

2- Make a few cuts as follows:

3- Drill a pocket for dowel.

4-  Paint or stain the wood pieces.

5- Assemble the box.

6- Attach the insert/divider

7- Attach your bottle opener and personalize (monogram the initials, stencil a nickname, etc.)

That’s it! You’re done

This grill caddy makes a great gift for any housewarming party, or for yourself.

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Interested in the completed kit (the pieces pre-cut to size) with step by step instructions? How about having US make the Grill Caddy for you and personalizing it with a name, initial or logo? You’re in luck, click HERE and let us do the dirty work for you =)

Personalize this kit with a set of tongs, spatula, your favorite sauce and spices for a truly unique gift idea.


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