Pink Mason Jar DIY

Pink Mason Jar Vase


Materials and Tools

 (Mason Jar, strips of Burlap, Mod Podge glass paint, Sponge Brush, Faux Flower, Hot Glue Gun)

Pink Jar

  1. Paint your Mason Jar with ModPodge glass paint. The more coats you give it the darker it will be. I gave this jar 3 coats of paint. (let it dry between coats)

pink jar 2

2. Measure, cut and then attach your strips of burlap using your hot glue gun

IMG_9355                                        IMG_9356

3. Pull a string of twine from the extra burlap roll and wrap it around your jar. Make a knot.

IMG_9361 IMG_9357

4. Attach your faux flower embellishment using your Hot Glue Gun

IMG_9365 IMG_9366

And you’re done!

Here are a few other Mason Jars I’ve painted. I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed with these jars. They’re just so simple to make, so pretty to look at and there so many different uses for them.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and as always, If you gave this or any other of our DIY’s a try we would love to see them, so please share them with us 🙂

See you next time!

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