Screen printed Cast Iron Bottle Openers

Screen printed Cast Iron Bottle Openers

Never lose a bottle opener again 😉 Stay hydrated and enjoy a nice beverage after a great day at work. We’ve added two new designs to our screen-printed cast-iron bottle openers.

First, we repurposed some weather treated wood measuring 1×4″. She DrinksThen, we routed the edges, pre-drilled and countersunk some mounting holes, and sanded the pieces with 150 grit sand paper.  We selected two new designs, a waiter/server bringing you a few choice beverages, and the second is a lady enjoying a nice, cold, craft beer (or whatever soda pop you prefer). Our line of screen-printed bottle openers now includes:

  • Keep Calm and Bottoms Up
  • Bottoms Up
  • Drink Up
  • Frosty Beer Mug
  • Server
  • She Drinks!

Do you want your own special quote or maybe a set of initials? Drop us a line, We love to personalize each order!

Simply Select ‘custom’ and let us know at checkout what initials or quote you’d like on your very own. No Additional Charges!

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