Spooky Bloody Candles DIY

Here’s a cool Halloween DIY that will be sure to impress. I found this idea on Pinterest and had to give it a try. Not only is this DIY affordable, but it was also very easy to do. In a few minutes you’ll have an awesome, spooky, Halloween decoration!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Set of 3 Pillar Candles in White
  • Red Candle Stick
  • Matches
  • Wax Paper

Step 1

Place your candles on top of the wax paper to protect your surface


Step 2

Light your red candle stick and let the hot wax drip over and around the edges of your white candles.

Drip red wax over each white candle

Step 3

Do this for each candle, wait for it to cool and you’re done!

Drip wax over candles


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