Stronger Than Cancer, Personalized Signs

Pediatric Cancer Awareness, Personalized Wooden Sign

Nothing makes us happier here at WoodyThings than to offer a truly unique gift that brings joy and smiles to the recipient. This is the reason we started our company, and why our slogan is “Custom Gifts For All.” We want to offer personalized gifts that the recipient will cherish.

“Childhood cancer (also known as pediatric cancer) is cancer in a child. In the United States, an arbitrarily adopted standard of the ages used are 0–14 years inclusive, that is, up to 14 years 11.9 months of age.” – Wikipedia

Earlier this month we received a custom order request from a beautiful family. The family is full of warriors, but none stronger than a young man overcoming Pediatric Cancer. The request was simple, a Wooden Frame to be hung around the house which reads “Stronger Than Cancer.” With that said, we asked a few more details (stain color preference/font, etc.) and off we went!

Stronger than cancer mitered_FotorWe used the State Park font, and routed the words on some pieces of solid pine, 1 x 6 boards.

We then mitered the corners 45-degrees, and curved the edges.

Then we sanded the material, wiped off the dust and stained the boards Red Mahogany.

In an effort to bring Pediatric Cancer Awareness we filled in the words with Gold paint, and once that Stronger Than Cancerdried, protected the wood.

The boards would be too long to fit a standard door (this sign was to be mounted on a door), so we cut a board for each word. In order to string the boards together we used pieces of leather, and attached them to each board.

This is the final product.

We are sincerely honored to have filled this order and bring a smile to a wonderful family.

Thank you!

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