Tie Dye Rose Experiment

A couple of months ago I was looking around on Pinterest and came across this really cool DIY/ Experiment called “Rainbow Rose” where they tie dyed white roses using only water and food coloring. It was so simple, I had to give it a try.

I bought a half dozen white roses, food coloring, and followed their instructions, and well…it was pretty much a FAIL! They didn’t look anything like the picture they showed of these beautifully vivid tie dyed roses. Instead I ended up with 5 limp roses and 1 pale blue one.

Here’s the picture of the DIY I found on Pinterest: seems simple enough right?

cut the stem of the rose  into quarters and dip each piece into a glass filled with water, and a different food coloring in each glass, and wait several hours while the stems soak up the colored water.

Tie Dye Rose

Now here are my pictures and results:

Step 1

Cut the stem of the rose into 4 sections. These stems were too thin, so I could only cut mine into 3 pieces

DSCN5953 DSCN5956

Step 2

Fill 4 glasses with water and place several drops of food coloring into each one. Dip each section of the stem into each glass. Since I could only cut my stem into 3 sections, I used, blue, orange and red food coloring. I also poured about 20-30 drops of food coloring into each glass.



Step 3

Wait…wait some more. Nothing at all happened that first day. By day number two I began to see some changes. A light yellow and pale red began to appear on the pedals. These are the results after 4 days.

IMG_2752 (1)


So the results were not at all what I had expected and hoped for. Hey sometimes these DIY’s work out great and sometimes they don’t right? BUT it was fun trying it and waiting to see what happend.

Just for fun I decided to put one of the roses into a glass of water with blue food coloring, and to my surprise that one turned out a little better. Maybe it was because the entire stem was soaking up the water instead of part of it.

Check it out:



Have you ever tried dying flowers before? If so, please share your tips and pictures with us. Maybe I’ll give it another try. Don’t forget to share your questions and comments with us about this or one of our other DIYS, projects and experiments 🙂

Until next time…Happy Crafting!


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