TMNT (2)I don’t know about you but I cringe at the price of these character gift bags. $4-$5 for a bag that’s going to end up in the trash?? Yes, they’re cute but… that’s a bit much.

I say get creative, make your own gift bag and spend half the price with a few material you most likely already have at home.

This TMNT Leonardo Bag didn’t take much to make, plus my 4 year old nephew along with my 10 year old son gave it the “Whoa! that’s awesome!” seal of approval 😉


  • Green paper bag ($2.00 at Walmart)
  • Blue tissue paper (.98 cents at Walmart)
  • Glue/Glue Stick
  • Brush (not needed IF you’re using a glue stick)
  • Scissors



Step 1: Open up your tissue paper, cutting a strip along the fold. Cut a strip for the mask

Cut along the fold

This will be Leonardos mask

Step 2:

Cut the eyes on the mask

Fold your strip in half and cut out two half circles for the eyes on the mask

Step 3:

brush the glue on the back of the mask Fold excess tissue into the sides and glue

Brush the back with glue and place it onto the bag, folding the excess tissue paper into the folded sides of the bag.

Step 4:

Youre Done!

Place your gift inside, cover with the rest of the tissue paper and your done!

You’re done!

I made Leonardo because it was my nephews birthday and this is his favorite Ninja Turtle, but of course you can make either Turtle by using the appropriate colored tissue paper:

  • Red for Raphael
  • Orange for Michelangelo
  • Purple for Donatello

Show us your bag and/or share some of your ideas, questions or comments with us 🙂

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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