Wooden Conversation Hearts Box DIY

Conversation Heart

Heres one of my favorite DIYs. The minute I first saw these little wooden boxes, I immediately thought of conversation hearts. You know, those delicious colorful, little heart-shaped candies with words like “Be Mine”, “U Rock”, “Say Yes” or “Hot Stuff” on each tiny heart? I love them and look forward to them every year.

These little boxes are the perfect size for these conversation heart candies, or something more,  like a charm or ring. They can even be used as party favors for weddings.

Here is a list of supplies you’ll need and the simple steps to making your own Wooden Conversation Heart Box.

All you’ll need:


  1. Wooden Heart Shaped Box
  2. Acrylic Paint of your choice (lavender, Pink, Yellow, Mint Green, White)
  3. Small Pink Stickers
  4. Sand paper (220 grit)
  5. Small screw driver
  6. Tweezers (optional)

Step 1

Remove Hinges unfinished

This time of year you should have no trouble finding these little wooden shaped hearts, or even paper mache heart-shaped boxes. I bought mine at A.C Moore.  If your heart-shaped box comes with hinges, then you’ll want to remove the hinges in order to work with it more easily.

Step 2

Sand Lightly_Fotor

Lightly sand your box using a 220 grit sand paper

Step 3

Paint inside_Fotor Paint Inside 2_Fotor

paint the inside of your box in pink

Step 4

paint purple purple heart

Paint the outside of your box in any of the colors that the conversation hearts come in. I chose lavender for this one.

**Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes

Step 5

Pink inside Purple Outside_Fotor

After the paint dries you may find that the box now has a rough texture to it. If this is the case with your box, then lightly sand it once more to get a smooth finish and then give it another coat of paint.

**Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes

Step 6

Add Hinges_Fotor

Put the hinges back on

Step 7

Add Stickers_Fotor

Add your stickers and your done!

Get creative with these and have fun.  If you have a cute nick name for your sweet heart, then spell that out on your box. If there’s a word he/she always says, then spell that out  on the box instead for that personal touch.

If you love the idea of this box but dont have the time to make them yourself then CLICK HERE to purchase one from us 🙂

*If you decide to give this DIY a try, please share your pictures with us. If you have any questions or comments relating to this DIY we’d love to hear them 🙂

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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