WoodyThings Drinko Plinko Game

Talk about a fun game perfect for your backyard, diva den or man cave.

This Drinko Plinko Game can be personalized with your name, initials or a slogan.

This is made from 100% wood, nails, plexiglass, and stained!

We’ve sealed the front with plexiglass as it’s stronger than glass, and added a few cute phrases at the bottom.

Truth | Kiss Your Girl/Boy | Take a Shot | Dare

How do you play?

  • Hang on a wall
  • Get a cold (bottled) beverage
  • Open the beverage with the attached Cast-Iron Bottle Opener
  • The cap will drop and fall on one of the 4 slots at the bottom
  • Perform the act listed at the bottom

How about taking a probability poll? Pop a top, and let the cap fall in one of the slots at the bottom. Each slot can represent a favorite sports team! Here’s a great chance to root for Average Joe’s vs. Globo Gym

Add your own sports team decal, alma mater, and drink responsibly!

Options and Measurements

  • Four Slot version Measures 18″ tall x 12″ wide and 3″ deep.
  • Two Slot version Measures 18″ tall x 6″ wide and 3″ deep.

But if you need a special custom-ordered size, let us know!


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