WoodyTunes Headphone Stands

Do you enjoy listening to music loudly through noise cancelling over the ear ginormous headpieces? If you’re an audio fanatic like me, you have a few sets of headsets laying around the house and want to store them safely. Heck, you payed good money for them!

So, How Do YOU Store Your Headphones?

If you’re into the minimalist, industrial and rustic look, these set of Headphone Stands might be the thing for you!

The Skull Mount

This design includes a stained, thick piece of wood mounted on a Skull Head Headphone Standbase. We’ve inserted a dowel in the front, perfect for wrapping your cord out of the way, or for hanging your activity workout bands or watch.

The stand resembles a small head (the skull, duh!),  and that’s where the name comes from.

The Twins

This design includes a stand made from solid pine, stained, with two Dual Brace Headphone Angledslats of wood attached to a base. This design can be personalized with your own initials, logo or design.

The stand measures approximately 8-1/2″ tall x 5-1/2″ wide and 2-1/2″ deep. Weighs approximately 2 lbs.

Marine Corps Style

As a Marine Corps veteran, I love to incorporate my Marine Corps USMC Headphone Stand Profilepride in most items we create. We’ve painted this wooden headphone stand in Marine Corps Dress Blues trouser colors, and added the Marine Corps emblem (an Eagle, Globe and Anchor) on the right side.

We can personalize this item with a Rank insignia (Chevron) on the other side, or your own initials, unit, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).


Industrial Pipe Headphone Stand

Unlike the other WoodyTunes Headphone Stands, these include a Industrial Pipe Stand angled emptylittle metal flair. We’ve repurposed a 1-1/2″ thick piece of shiplap measuring 5″ x 5″, sanded, stained it, wood-burned a set of initials (made to order) and affixed some 1/2″ metal pipes to it.

These Headphone Stands are perfect to store headphones, gaming headsets, and activity bands and more.

Pick yours up today!

*Headphones not included*

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