Five Organizational Projects and Tips

Hope you’re having a great New Year so far. This is typically a time where many of us set a few resolutions or affirmations to make ourselves a little better than we were last year. Well, at least I do. This year we’re eager to watch our small shop grow and get a bit more organized (Thank you for your support!).

Here’s a few organization tips and productivity hacks you may benefit from this year.

  • Get more use out of your everyday shelf with trendy Under Shelf Mason Jar Storage. Extra storage will help keep clutter off your floors and counter tops.
  • Get your linen closet in order with this simple storage basket project.
  • Makeshift Student Desk. Purchase a free-standing wire shelf and adjust the height to serve as a desk. Add ¼” plywood, MDF or dry erase board like we did, to make it a smooth surface. Now you can use the desk to craft, blog or do your homework with ease!
  • Kendra Storage Console. An economical side table or nightstand for a child’s room that features a open bin base and two top shelves. Perfect for holding stuffed animals or ball or other toys in the bin, shelves great for books, clocks, art and other toys.
  • Giant Pegboard Tutorial. Versatile solution that can be made to fit in any craft space. You can add bins, jars or tin buckets to organize your crafts and keep a productive workspace.

Do you have any tips or suggestions you’d like to share? Comment Tidy Workshop_Fotorbelow or hit us up on twitter. We’d love to hear what you guys and gals thing.

Thanks for reading and Sharing. Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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