Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Halloween is such an exciting day! The kids get to dress up as theirs favorite characters and collect as much candy as they can that WE get to eat while they sleep! shhh….they don’t have to know.

If you’re planning on Trick or Treating this Halloween,  here are a few Safety Tips to keep you and your little ghouls safe:

  • Do not go trick or treating alone, go with a group of 2 or more
  • Put electronic devices down and stay alert
  • Walk on side-walks if possible, to avoid cars
  • Put reflective lighting on your costume or bag so those in cars can see you
  • Teach your child not to eat their candy until you inspect it
  • If you will be driving your children around the neighborhood, please be extra vigilant of other children on the streets. Drive slowly, as children like to run in the middle of the street in excitement.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

For more safety tips, please visit:


Halloween Safety Tips

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