Wedding Anniversary Love Box

So they tell us that August is one of the busiest wedding months of the year. That means that quite a few of you celebrated your wedding anniversary not too long ago. Heck, even if you don’t have a summer wedding/anniversary, a love box you can fill with your sweetie’s favorite goodies is good all year round!

A few months ago my good friend Jesus asked us to build his wife a rustic anniversary box from pine wood. He wanted a few heart cut out, to show that his heart was always opened for her. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I thought it was an awesome idea 🙂

This present is great for anyone looking to commemorate their Love Box IMG_2334anniversary, or a special day. Perfect for gifting with love letters, cards, chocolates, candies, a movies (Blockbuster’s and chill anyone?) and much more!

This beautiful wooden wedding box is wood stained in any color of your choice. You can purchase it for your present love, or as a gift for others! This would make a wonderful housewarming gift, start a tradition of your own!

Your initials and wedding date will be stenciled on the lid, so if you choose to personalize this box, let us know the date and initials you want displayed.

Also, we offer various options; Please select wood stain of your choice.

The box measures 12″ X 12″ X 12″ (one cubic foot).

Leave us a message with your names, initials and/or anniversary date and we will personalize this lovely gift for you!

Order Yours HERE.

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