WoodyThings Bowties

Have You Ever Rocked a Wooden Bow Tie?

We are happy to introduce our new line of wooden bow ties in a variety of styles! Bow ties are a type of WoodyThings Bowtienecktie typically made from fabric. Ours are made from a 1/4” piece of solid wood (Pine or Oak) and we either stain it or paint it as pictured.

The three most popular types of bow ties are pre-tied, clip ons and the self tie. Our bow ties have fabric down the center and an adjustable elastic collar. This enables the user to adjust the bow tie for the perfect fit.

We select each piece of wood manually, and inspect if for color and quality. After cutting the design by hand, we sand and finish our bow ties for a modern and stylish look.

Please contact us for custom orders and personalization! For example, interested in a custom stain color? How about adding some wood-burned initials on your bowties? Do you have groomsmen you’d like to thank? Get a set for the whole crew!

Our bow tie strap (the elastic that goes around your neck) measures 1/2” wide, and fits anywhere from 15-19” Do you need a smaller/bigger size? Let us know!

Each bow tie is handcrafted so we are able to personalize it for the perfect fit.

It should be noted that each piece of wood has distinct patterns and may vary than those pictured. That is part of what makes each bow tie unique.

Currently we offer bowties measuring 1/4” x 2” x 4”. The three distinct styles are:

American Flag

For the American Flag design we’ve cut a piece of 1/4″ oak wood, WoodyThings Wooden Bowtie American Flagsanded the edges and handprinted stars and stripes on each end. We then attached a 1/2″ piece of blue burlap. For a collar we’ve used a white stretchy fabric and made it adjustable.

Handlebar Mustache

The Mustache design was a fun one to create! We’ve sketched and
IMG_3524cut a piece of 1/4″ oak board into a piece that resembles a handlebar mustache. Yes, mustaches come in many different styles, and this one just happens to work great for a wooden bowtie. We’ve stained ours (one dark, one light) and used two different materials for the center. We’ve added a set of musical notes as the center (and the collar) on the dark version, and a more classic and upscale material for the lighter color.


The Slender design is a version of the batwing. We’ve stretched the IMG_3521design by making it thinner and longer. Perfect for those looking to have a wider bowtie (left to right). We’ve stained these in either a light stain or a dark stain. Just like many of our bowties, we can certainly customize the center fabric.

Which bowtie (or bow tie) would YOU wear?

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