WoodyThings Father’s Day 2015 Gift Ideas

WoodyThings Father’s Day 2015 Gift Ideas

Interested in finding Father’s day gifts you can make or purchase for a father figure in your life? Check out some suggestions by clicking the links below. Links to the “diy available” text will take you to the DIY blog post showing you step-by-step instructions you can do yourself.

  • Father Quote Picture Display (diy available) Whether you want to wish your dad or hubby a Happy Father’s Day, or simply want to display your affection throughout the year, this sweet wooden sign is sure to do the trick. We have wood-stained, painted gray and distressed the material to give it a rustic look.
  • Golf-inspired Keepsake Box Are you, or do you have a Golf Lover in mind? If so, checkout this neat keepsake box. We’ve added a small flag, some green grass (moss actually), and painted a wooden ball to represent the golf ball.
  • Daddy’s Shop Personalized Wooden Sign These signs make a great addition to your home or business. These signs are made to last. We utilize weather-treated wood and add weather-protectant clear coats and stains. Let us know your preference with your order and we will make the appropriate adjustment.
  • Charging Station Toolbox DIY Having 3 kids with Nooks, iPads, Kindles, iPhones, Samsung, iThis and droid that… I can relate to having a nice charging station that doesn’t look like a spaghetti bowl of ugly wires taking up space :-)So with that said, we quickly decided to try the DIY, but this time, we’d like to offer step-by-step instructions on how we (and now YOU) can complete a similar project.
  • Beer Caddy (diy available) Carry your favorite beverages or crafting items in style with this Woody Things Bottle Tote. This tote can serve as a gift for yourself, or an awesome gift for the beer lover in your life. You can use this bottle tote to store or carry a six-pack of your favorite beverages, or fill it with Mason jars to store your paint brushes and other crafting items.
  • Industrial Table Lamp (diy available) Even thought we’re all about wood, we can certainly appreciate a little metal. Not like Metallica (we dig some heavy metal too), but like Cast-Iron and metal pipes and such. This table lamp is constructed with all metal pipes and fixtures, and an exposed Edison bulb. This item fits us and our style because it’s a bit nautical, modern, shic and rustic! We recommend accenting your workspace with this fun and functional piece.
  • Industrial Iron Tablet Stand This sturdy piece would make a great gift for anyone that’s into industrial, shic, simple and rustic! We recommend accenting your workspace with this fun and functional piece. This piece was designed with my iPad in mind, but it can be used with any other 10″ or above tablets.
  • Industrial Pipe Watch Stand This Industrial Pipe Watch Stand is constructed with iron pipes, elbows and flange. For wood we used 1/2″ Pine, and 3/4″ for the base. We recommend accenting your workspace with this fun and functional piece. You can place watches, wrist bands, fitness bands, bracelets, and much more.
  • Floppy Disc Drink Coasters The Floppy Disk, the flash-drive of our time. Who would have thought that now, in the 21st century, our children cant even recall what is it, much less what it does?This set will make an excellent gift for the computer geek in your family or even yourself, to remind you of the simpler times.
  • Wall-mounted Bottle Opener w/cap catcher Hang your new bottle opener in your Man Cave, Kitchen or Backyard for you and your guests to open your ice cold beers, and then let your caps fall into the cap catcher built right in.
  • Patriotic Photo Display (diy available) Painted and distressed, this Patriotic Photo Display would be a great addition to your patriotic decor while showing off those awesome photos too. The flag is made from a solid piece of pine wood.
  • Screen Print Cast Iron Bottle Openers Wall-mounted, Weather-treated, Stained, Cast-Iron bottle openers made of solid wood. These bottle openers can be mounted on your favorite wall (near a fridge or watering hole *wink wink*) with a keyhole screw.
  • Military Cast-Iron Bottle Openers Check out these Wall-mounted, Weather-treated, Stained, Cast-Iron bottle openers made of solid wood. Just like our Original Cast Iron Bottle Openers, these are themed after our Military branches. Each Military Emblem/Insignia is available.
  • Wooden Reversible Drink Coasters and Bottle Openers No need to worry about searching for a bottle opener with these really cool coasters because they do double duty with the bottle opener already attached to the bottom side of each wood stained coaster!
  • Reclaimed Wood Smartphone and Tablet Stand This tablet and smartphone stand is made from reclaimed wood. The rustic pieces of wood are colored in different colors (please let us know which color you like) and can be stained in different colors. Just let us know which color you prefer!
  • Tablet stand and Desk Organizer This is a great gift for the techie in your life that still enjoys the simplicity of rustic ingenuity. Whether it be your home office or cubicle at work, keep your desk looking nice and organized with this awesome wooden (pine) Tablet/ iPad stand which doubles as a desk organizer. Now you’ll never (well, almost never) lose your Stylus!
  • Patriotic Flag Display Clock  This is flag makes a great decoration for your home and can serve as a gift to your fellow American veteran.
  • Retro Game-Inspired Keepsake boxes This bundle of retro video game inspired keepsake boxes and picture frames tug at nostalgic heart strings from years passed. This set makes a nice collection for the old school gamer in your life.
  • Wine Clock This wall-mounted clock is perfect for any living space, and can be This clock measures:12 1/4 (H) x 8 3/4 (W)personalized with your favorite quote or family name.The wooden wine bottle and glass is placed in a framed and darker wood stained backing. Makes a great gift for the wine lover or wine maker in the family

Do you have a dad that likes to build and or tinker? Well, here are a few complete kits you may order, and dad can finish them to his liking (or better yet, you can assemble and finish it with him).

Do you have any ideas or suggestions we might’ve missed? Let us know!

Did you find these ideas helpful? Spread the love and share them with your family and friends on social media. We’d love to grow our family-owned company, one recommendation at a time.



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